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Plantbased Recipes For A Happy Period!

Plantbased Recipes For A Happy Period!

Isn't it funny that ever since I talked about the foods that we should eat especially during our menstrual cycle, I've been making quite a few meals that are period friendly? 

A lot of you answered my Instagram story poll saying you wanted recipes to nourish yourselves during your period... and it's finally here

I've made a list of go-to recipes during my menstrual cycle; as well as recipes that incorporate a lot of the ingredients I listed in my previous blog post- How to Eat Your Way Through a Happier Period (here). 

I would like to say that while these recipes make me feel:

  • Relatively pain-free

  • Nourished

  • Happy

  • Comfortable

  • Energized

Not all of them may work for you just the way they do for me. Everyone's body works differently so feel free to make some period-friendly ingredient substitutions. Just remember that you need to up your iron levels (with vitamin C for iron absorption), some magnesium and B vitamins. But I do recommend that you listen to your body some more after you make these meals to see how you really feel. 
It took me a while to recognize how I felt after making these meals, but I knew I felt better, less tired, less bloated and simply happier overall.

I believe in nourishing my body some more during this phase. And honestly, they're recipes you could use everyday too! I plan on introducing a few more of my go-tos soon, but for now here are these simple and delicious recipes to have a happier menstrual cycle.


I love any breakfast that involves fruits in the morning. I barely crave savoury meals (unless the occasional toast combo or bread/wrap cravings hit). Here are my top go-tos for breakfast during my menstrual phase. 

Lunch/ Dinner

During my menstrual cycle and just a little before, I've found myself craving super savoury or some salty foods. I do crave tiny amounts of sweet treats, but not as much. I usually like a big warm bowl of curry w/ rice or noodly dishes with tofu or tempeh. I think our bodies naturally crave iron rich foods and carbs for energy and to boost our mood. When we recognize this, and know what foods give our body more nourishment, we can make better decisions to feed ourselves better too. Here are my mouth-watering go-to lunch and dinner meals!


My snacky cravings really depend (not sure on what, haha!), but for different moods, here are a few things I crave and eat. I do eat, in tiny amounts, some chips (Boulder Canyon or Hardbite or some tortilla chips with salsa), or dark chocolate, or apple and peanut butter if I feel like it. And as for hummus? I'm always down for hummus! Here are a few snack go-tos, with more coming soon.

  • Hummus wrap or hummus with veggies like cucumbers and carrots

  • Fruits like pineapples and papaya, and berries in a smoothie

  • Dark chocolate, nuts and seeds


I'm usually just drinking lots of water, some lemon/lime water, or matcha lattes and I've significantly reduced coffee! 

A must-have for me on my first and second day of my period is smooth, warm turmeric spiced milk (recipe coming soon). Here is another one though.

I'm hoping that these recipes help you make easier and very nourishing meals during your menstrual phase.
That's not to say that sometimes, when we just want to grab some ice cream or a not-so nourishing meal we've absolutely got to stay away from it. It's totally okay to indulge a little, you know? Just feel it out, love yourself enough to feed it good nourishing meals for the most bit and you'll be eating your way through a happier period <3  

If you've been enjoying this series of posts on menstrual health, I'd love to hear from you badass babes! Exercises and other things I do during my menstrual phase coming soon. 

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