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Vegan Lemon Raspberry Cheezecake (Baked)

Vegan Lemon Raspberry Cheezecake (Baked)


There’s much to catch up on. But let’s also catch up over vegan cheesecake, okay?? Oh, and not the raw kind. The baked, real dairy replacement kind. :)

So I may not have mentioned before here, but the babe and I have worked on bringing down our sugar consumption and it’s been incredible! Sometimes, we even go as far as trying a small bite of some of the things we would have, and cringe because it’s just too sweet for us now!

It might sound crazy, but we’re winning here!

I know, I know. We all totally love to indulge, and so do I, but it doesn’t happen too often now; and I’m actually really proud, because sugar can be so annoying, so to speak, for our health. Here are a few reasons we’ve wanted to cut it down quite a lot:

  1. Sugar can lead to crazy blood sugar level spikes and affect energy levels and mood unhealthily.

  2. Affects metabolism as well as gut health.

  3. Can affect immune system.

So with our sugar levels being taken further down over the course of a year to two, we’d been on the look out for some low to no added sugar snacks recently. You know, something for when we just want something sweet! And guess what?
We got the chance to try out some vegan, probiotic snack bars that have only 3g of sugar in them! They’re Welo bars, and get this! It tastes as though it could have more sugar in there, but.it.doesn’t! Woohooo!
We’ve been loving these for the past few months actually and I cannot tell you enough how good it is. You just have to try it if you can (if you’re in Canada).

Another thing to catch up on? As you know I do eat tons of plant foods, I recently wondered what my non vegan food weakness was (well, I haven’t given in to it so far so I’m very proud)…. and it came down to 2 things- halloumi cheese and an actual baked cheesecake.

Now, I haven’t found faux halloumi cheese anywhere, but I did some experimenting and came up with a pretty neat vegan baked cheesecake recipe that I’ve been dying to share with you.

By the way, told you we had much to catch up on!

So I decided to make my own cheesecake, as I had no access to faux cheesecake at all. Plus, I’m not the biggest fan of raw vegan cheesecake hehe.

Trust me, this one wasn’t very sweet but was so so indulgent and rich at the same time. Just thinking about it makes me want it again.

I used a cashew based cheese brand, Nuts for Cheese with another key ingredient for the filing; which was silken tofu. It actually does the trick really well!

I love how the consistency was so on point, it didn’t break, or crumble-none of that stuff.

I baked a lemon raspberry cheesecake, leaving the topping to some simple raspberries and dried rose; so I could enjoy the cheesecake part of it, along with the crust.

Although this vegan cheesecake seemed so daunting at first, it all really made me feel good feels. It was:

  • Uber delicious while not being sickeningly sweet.

  • Stayed very consistent.

  • Rich but not too heavy.

  • Very cheese like.

  • Easy to bake.

  • Not very time confusing (uses a lot of idle time).

  • Super exciting and fun.

I loved that I could play around with some of the measurements for tanginess or sweetness. Although I’d like to say, if you’re buying vegan cheese (cashew based), I’d add them in slowly as some can be a little on the saltier side.

I can’t wait for you to make this too and enjoy it, as it was enjoyed at home very well! I bet if you’re like me and loved cheesecake during your dairy eating days, you’ll rejoice at this recipe. So, off we go baking now!

Vegan Lemon Raspberry Cheezecake (baked)

PS- I received product from Welo bars and Nuts for Cheese for creating the recipe, however my opinions are completely unbiased, original and solely mine.

PPS- If you do try this recipe, please do share your creation by tagging @thewritereats as I’d love to know how you found the recipe and share the love too! <3

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