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Vegan Dark Chocolate "Holiday" Cake Bites

Vegan Dark Chocolate "Holiday" Cake Bites

Happy 2019 lovelies!

First, I want to acknowledge just how far we’ve all come along. I think 2018 was sort of a blur but personally was a whirlwind for me. And despite that, and for anyone that’s grown and learned from 2018; and is ready to take on 2019, I salute you. And myself too.

So as part of what I want to achieve this year, I’ve been thinking and trying to plan for making my content so much more valuable to you and I hope that you can help me help you in return. Funny thing is…. amidst all that thinking of what to do and how, I suddenly started craving some chocolate bites. I went to my blog to get the recipe to make it again and realised… I HADN’T SHARED IT WITH YOU YET.

Aaahh, B needs to get going on this haha. So, if you saw my post on Instagram for these bites and got drooling, then looked up my blog for the recipe and didn’t find it- I truly apologize.

I know they’re called “holiday” cake bites, but you’re totally welcome to indulge in them blissfully when it isn’t holiday season- no one’s going to judge ;)

These cake bites I made were made from real simple ingredients, that I garnished with some dried rose buds that actually make a great addition to eat as well. They also taste kinda like marzipan but WITHOUT the marzipan. Ssshh….. I don’t like marzipan!

And if you don’t either, I’ve got a nice little trick to make this faux marzipan kinda dark chocolate cake bites. It’s basically two ingredients that make all the difference:

  1. Almond flour ( I use Bob’s redmill flour).

  2. Almond extract.

There you go! :D

So all in all these dark chocolate cake bites are:

  • Indulgent but not too sweet.

  • Easy to make.

  • A healthier sweet treat.

  • Great to take to a dinner or as a snack on the go.

  • Chocolatey and kinda marzipan like.

    I think you’ll love these little nibbly bites, as they were loved by my babe. I made around 12-13 and they were all gone in 2 days (sometimes there’s no self control involved lol). I also adapted this recipe from Lindsay at Cotter Crunch- her bites are usually incredibly delicious.

    Now it’s over to you and I hope you enjoy these bites!!

Dark Chocolate Cake Bites

If you enjoyed this recipe and made it, do share your creations by tagging @thewritereats because you know I love to see what you get up to! <3

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