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Refreshing Summery Mango Lime Tapioca Pudding

Refreshing Summery Mango Lime Tapioca Pudding

A big bright, yellow sunny hello to you lovelies! 

The weather's finally been looking up lately and I've been feeling so much happier too! Plus, those mangoes are starting to come in super juicy and delicious; so of course I have to take advantage of it, right?

You know those tapioca pearls that you drink in your bubble tea? Well, turns out they're pretty similar to sago pearls, which I've had in savoury Indian meals like sabudana (sago) khichdi, sabudana vada (fried patty) and sabudana and vermicelli kheer (a sweet dessert). I was so ecstatic to know that, especially because I can make them at home now!

Side note: Do you get excited when you find that something you like is related to something you never realised, and you get super hyped up on it? Heehe, that's me!

I thought of making a sweet and refreshing dessert to celebrate my realization (and warmer days) and so I wanted to combine mango with a creeaaammmy coconut tapioca pudding.

This Treat Is:

  • Creamy, super soft and coconutty
  • A delicious plantbased dessert
  • Perfectly refreshing with a hint of lime
  • A summer's quench in a jar

This mango coconut tapioca pudding inspired by mango rice desserts made in Asia is a great indulgence to enjoy once in a while. A healthier version can be one made with chia pudding instead. 

Mmmm...while I reminisce this creamy, coconutty mango pudding, here's how you can make some too! Let me know if you enjoy it!

Coconut Mango Lime Pudding

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