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Lemon Raspberry Poppy Seed Loaf

Lemon Raspberry Poppy Seed Loaf

Hi Hi Hi!

If you're on the same side of the world as I am, have you been enjoying the sunshine?

I sure have, but still want warmer and completely sunny days so I can be outside and enjoy the warmth on my skin and feel my body smile.

Talking about sunshine, it reminds me of lemons and limes and flowers.
I recently did an Instagram takeover on Naked Coconuts' page- they make coconut oils, soy free coco aminos, and sauces, all ethically sourced and made.
I've been a long time fan of their products, and so I shared what I ate in a day using their delicious and quality products, one of which was this deeeelish Lemon Raspberry Poppy Seed Loaf.


I don't know about you, but I definitely enjoy lemon-y desserts. From the lemon-yness of lemon poppy seed muffins and loaves, to the subtle sweetness- it also brightens me up and is energizing too. I got inspired by Erin Ireland, a lovely and very influential vegan blogger and bakerita in Vancouver, that makes these uuuber delicious lemon poppy seed loaves.

Buut, I tried to tone down the lemon-yness in my recipe because my boyfriend isn't a fan of lemon-y sweet treats and I definitely didn't want to overload myself on delicious loaves. 
PS- Some of my friends think it's weird I like it, but I think they're just missing out! ;)

And guess what? This plantbased lemon poppy seed loaf turned out to be:

  • Just the right amount of lemony and sweet
  • Moist
  • Energizing (yay lemons and coconut oil)
  • A great afternoon pick-me-up
  • Boyfriend approved

I also topped it with a light beet glaze and sprinkled dried rose petals on top. Trust me, the beet glaze is similar to a lemon glaze but has beet powder added ( I used Blume beet latte mix but I'm sure you could use a plain beet powder; which I couldn't find around).

If you're one to enjoy lemon poppy seed yums, be my guest and enjoy adding more lemons (guideline in the recipe)! But if not, this recipe will make you happy to share a treat with someone you love that loves lemon poppy seed loaves.

I hope you're enjoying the sunshine and some delicious treats but also staying healthy! Iiit's baake time!

Vegan Lemon Poppyseed Loaf

PS- This post was sponsored by Naked Coconuts but my opinions are in no way biased, and mine alone.

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