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Kimchi Tempeh Fries

Kimchi Tempeh Fries

I like fries. I don’t LOVE them, but I especially really enjoy yam fries. And I kinda like kimchi… but when you say kimchi fries...you’re talking about bringing fusion foods to a whole new level.

I’m not sure if you’ve had the chance to try Kimchi fries, but if you have gotten down and dirty with your fries game, THIS, I would say, comes on par with Animal Fries from In n Out. Not NY Fries. Animal fries.

Now, if you haven’t tried either… you gotta know you’re missing out. But. I got a recipe for you that’s quite different from the actual “fries”, but would seriously recommend you try the actual kimchi fries or animal fries. YOU MUST!

My first time with kimchi fries was at Bao Down in Vancouver, and I could tell it needed some more flavor but even then, it tasted great. You take your fries that’s half dipped in kimchi, spice and sprouts; and at first you feel like oou it’s slightly spicy and then BAM! An intense Asian, cheesy flavor completely wows you away. You want more and more until you realize it’s all gone.

Now, remember how I’m not a die-hard fry fan? I thought I’d try out a healthier (in some way), less densely carb-loaded, not deep fried alternative to kimchi fries.



I wanted to balance out the carbs with protein and pack some nutrients in there vs deep fried potato fries, cheese, beef and possibly a ton of mayo. So, I switched to:-

baked tempeh fries instead of deep fried potato
mushroom bulgogi instead of beef bulgogi
and the cheese is optional.
I added avocado, avocado oil mayo and sprinklings of spring onions for a kick

So why tempeh?

Tempeh is a more nutritious and fermented version of tofu that made me want to put my experimental cap on and give it a go (looks like this)!
Besides, it’s also a great way to have healthy fats and is another great source of non-meat proteins.
Tempeh also helps with metabolism, is loaded with copper and manganese; which helps with strengthening tissues and recovering better from wounds (click here for more details).

To be honest, you've still got a few not so good things in there, but it definitely is more balanced as far as nutrients go. And smaller sizes still will fill you up well! Sounds good?

Oh, it turned out quite delicious I’d say! There are a few improvements I’d like to keep in mind for next time. This makes your life easier in the first go itself.

  • I added a bit too much of the kimchi liquid, which ended up a little too saucy, which I’d put slightly less of next time.

  • I’d want to keep the sriracha, mayo (or sriracha mayo) on the side for next time.

    But apart from that, I’d definitely make this again when I have a party. Or when the craving is intense.


Keep in mind, this will take you a while; especially if you’re not the most organized person (like me). But, keep your favorite drink around and some music on and you’ll be having a blast!

So yes, a perfect drink pairing with these fries would be beer or a soda. But since we’re trying to notch up the level of healthiness here, I found that Kombucha paired beautifully.
As soon as I was done cooking and shooting, I kicked my feet up on the futon, forked in a munch and sipped in a breezy, chilled sip of kombucha. Perfect fizzy contrast!

In my head, I was at a bbq party in someone’s backyard, enjoying under the sun, sipping on “beer” and enjoying some fantastic fries over conversations!

I’d want to put it out there, that I adapted the recipe for kimchi mixture from The Woks of Life , tempeh fries recipe from Connoisseurus Veg , and the bulgogi recipe from Good Taste.

Let’s bring bbq season with a bang!

Kimchi Tempeh Fries

Also, this post is sponsored by Tempea Foods, the only brand I’ve come across so far that provides FRESH and not frozen tempeh. I’d like to say there is no bias however. I chose to work with Tempea making sure this is a brand I like and would use often.

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