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Healthy Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Healthy Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries


I know I have blogged this recipe before, but you don’t understand. These fries are the cool fries now. And you know what’s amazing about these sweet tinged fries? They taste good whether you spice them or not!

The last time I shared the recipe with you, these potato fry counterparts were far from crispy- a little limp but taste uncompromising. Again, for the sake of health though, one cannot always afford to have these deep fried delights and stay fit. Therefore, I decided to look for an alternative to these fried temptations that I could make at home without giving up the crisp factor.

Numerous indulgences at restaurants and blog searches later, I learned that the crispiness was a result of adding cornstarch to the mix while frying.

Ooo… corn starch!

A little about cornstarch… while there are tiny benefits to it, they are not substantial. These carb loaders that are used commonly as thickening agents come with barely any other nutritional value and are mostly GM (genetically modified). Most products that use cornstarch (literally most) are GM too. Studies indicate that cornstarch is more widely being towards production of fuel than food. FUEL? Scary!

So, I found that using arrowroot powder/starch, brown rice flour/starch or tapioca flour are healthier alternatives. I haven’t used other ones apart from arrowroot, but I am comfortable with it.

Also, a key to making these sweet potato fries crispy while baking them lies in its prep up trick, if you didn’t already know. Soak these babies in water! Soaking them up to an hour is awesome. In a hurry, I soaked them for half an hour and it worked well; but imagine, 1 hour or overnight would probably be sooo goooood!


One more trick is to cut these fries more or less evenly and also to place them spaced apart and in an a single layer a.k.a DO NOT CROWD THEM.

PS- I got this recipe for the crispy baked sweet potato fries from Rebecca’s blog Foodie with Family . I switched up the flavor by adding spices on my own.

Here’s the recipe sweet potato fry fans!


Crispy Baked Yam Fries

final edit

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