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Easy Insalata Caprese (y)

Easy Insalata Caprese (y)


Mozzarella. Tomatoes. Basil.


In a world where cheese can be enjoyed vicariously, here’s how to make it come true.

3 utterly basic ingredients for a perfect salad, and you're one step closer to making this dream come true.

By the way, did you know: Caprese Salad originating from Capri used Cacio Cheese instead of Buffalo/Cow Mozzarella Cheese before it was widely made in Italy?

When I visited Italy in the Summer of 2008, lots of restaurants served Insalata Caprese as complimentary salads. Complimentary! It was different and enjoyable in the Summer heat anyway! How wonderful :D

Okay, wonderful! It’s simple and delicious. But is this good for you? Is it healthy?

Yes! Good fats and protein is what is most prominent in this salad. While, this can include a fair amount of sodium, sharing the salad is most preferred.

Taking only 10 minutes of your time and giving you immense satisfaction; all you need to get the best out of Insalata Caprese is buying fresh ingredients.

Here’s what you have to do to palatable-y beat the Summer heat!

Easy Caprese Salad


Enjoy! <3

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