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Che Thai

Che Thai

This is so exciting!

I've been so ecstatic to share everything about my dessert collaboration with House Special with you all! Finally, our giveaway winners are out and apart from that, you all have a chance to try it out at the restaurant too!

I'm not sure if you know but Che Thai is an Asian dessert/drink that serves a medley of Asian fruits, seeds, red bean and milk topped with shaved ice.

Che Thai is such a refreshing and tropical, fruity rainbow dessert. Its a dessert/drink that you can slurp, or spoon out- however you like, and each sip and bite is going to make you feel cooler than a cucumber, but also sweet and satisfied!

Consider it a cheat treat, but can be made healthier than using canned fruits and ice cream. The coconut milk and fruits give it good enough sweetness on its own too :)

Now, when I first came across Che Thai, it reminded me of the Indian, Pakistani and Persian dessert drink called Falooda, that I've previously made. This, however is a GREAT STEP UP and improved version of the falooda I'd made in a little bit of a haste, if I may say so.

What you'll find with these ingredients is that there is purpose to the variety of tastes and textures you'll be popping your eyes to!

Aaaannnndd... you eat a bunch of fruits too! :D

There will be chewy strips of jackfruit, soft and noodly jelly taking over with a hint of crunchiness from the pomegranate seeds. This is all going to be playfully laced with velvety smooth coconut milk and tropical lychee of course. Do you feel refreshed already? Because I sure do!

But just to put it out there- I'm so happy to have received your support on this. I'm also feeling incredibly grateful that I got the chance to work with a restaurant and have my spin off on their menu. It is an honour.

Let's make and celebrate summer!!

Che Thai

Before you leave, please to check out how I ended up collaborating with House Special! Especially if you are a budding blogger or influencer you'll be surprised as to how easy it can be to work with other people, brands and companies. Maybe you'll be the next one to come up with a cool collaboration, I don't know. But I wish you love and success anyway <3 .


To share with you on a deeper level, I NEVER thought I'd be collaborating with a restaurant to have my dessert (well made by me at least) featured. This is one of the reasons I love Vancouver. I've had some great opportunities, met great people and things have been going pretty well.

So, it all started with a takeout order my friends and I had last year. We loved the fried bread and wings at House Special. The next time, we went in to eat and I loved their salad rolls and salad too. I looked up House Special's instagram to see that someone had been taking some phenomenal pictures! 
Seeing that brought a glimmer of excitement to my eyes; and I really wanted to meet the person that took these pictures.

I met with Erika, the cutesie, talented and kind social media manager and had an amazing conversation over lunch and coffee. That's how we got the ball rolling.

I haven't met such generous and trusting people here! Seriously. I'm so honored to be given a chance to collaborate with the dessert chef, a chance to catch a glimpse of the kitchen life and bring out something for everyone. 

I'm still leaping with joy at the thought of you getting to try it! When you do, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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