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The Best Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

The Best Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

Wings can be such a delicious yet sort of messy appetizer. Nevertheless, we all love to indulge in them because regardless of whether we’re on our first date or hanging out with friends over drinks and appies; we don’t mind showing our slightly savage food personalities huh? ;)

But what if you’re vegetarian or vegan?


You can still enjoy sports nights, pub nights, date nights...basically you can still enjoy this multi-occasional appy and not have to miss out on fantastic munchies like Buffalo Wings!

I tried Tieghan’s recipe last year and fell absolutely in love with it.

Although a little too spicy, I still couldn’t stop myself from greedily grabbing pieces of these crunchy, crispy and robust cauliflower wings.

I made some more again recently, and oh my, it was love all over again! This time though, I toned down the spice a little and enjoyed these wings with a lovely, creamy homemade Ranch dip.


By the way, I’d never had dill as a key ingredient to any food before; so when I smelled fresh dill, it was simply refreshing. I’ve always had a thing for the aroma of fresh mint and I think dill is another one of my favorites now.

Does anyone else like the smell of fresh mint and dill or am I just ranting like a weirdo?

Here’s how you make THE BEST vegetarian buffalo wings (with vegan substitutes).

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

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