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Cacao Baru Butter Mousse

Cacao Baru Butter Mousse

If you’re allergic to peanuts but love peanut butter, or are looking for an alternative, then you’re about to find THE BEST faux peanut butter ever!

This past weekend, I tried experimenting with Baru seeds, a Brazil native seed so incredibly similar to peanuts; and found them to be a delicious, protein packed and peanut free alternative.

It doesn’t look like a peanut on the exterior and looks more like an almond. But when you rub off the coating, it looks like a peanut! It’s amazing. It’s a bit harder to bite than a peanut but it’s still delicious and nutritious. And not to forget, the perfect solution for those who aren’t able to consume peanuts!

I decided to make dessert with these seeds because… well, do I need a reason to make them? Ha!

I wanted little layers of cacao mousse and baru butter finally topped with coconut whip. In my mind, this seemed to be just the perfect little cup of indulgence. And guess what?


It was:

  • Indulgent

  • Not sickeningly sweet

  • Fluffy as clouds

  • Chocolatey

  • Buttery

  • Pretty healthy

So when you think of this recipe, it’s super simple to make really. It’s a vegan mousse with nutless butter, coco whip and some fruit. Easy peasy! It also takes under 20 minutes to make!

First, you’ve got to make your baru butter. Since this was my first time (and if it’s yours too) making “nut butter” this may take a while to reach the perfect consistency. But honestly, I didn’t think it would be this easy to make some. Yaayy!

I would warn you not to refrigerate the butter though. I made this mistake and it was solid! Couldn’t get that drool worthy drizzle going on until I heated it up a little bit and added a splash of water.

After making and licking off some butter mess off my hands (and cleaning it), I moved on to making a mousse. Now, I’ve heard TONS of goodness about adding this special ingredient to baking and especially cacao smoothies. Any guesses?

It’s your favourite (or not) …. avocado!!

To fully disclose, I have a love it and don’t enjoy it kinda relationship with it and was sceptical to try it out. The result here spoke for itself though- you cannot tell this mousse has avocado in it!! Rather, this was fluffy and creamy at the same time. I also made this recipe not so sweet on purpose (if you remember I love when things aren’t too sweet anymore), but you can easily sweeten it up with things like- date paste, date based caramel, natural sweetener of your choice.

As I struggled to maintain self control and save it for after taking pictures, I realised I could make this every.damn.day and eat it! Literally add some strawberries or fruit and eat it as is! But patience can be a virtue my friends, and after refrigerating it overnight, it was finally ready to be served.

This was the moment. The moment of truth! After some layering with more baru butter, coconut whip, some home-made date caramel and raspberries this turned out to be utterly fluffy, light yet rich and had just the right amount of tang from the berries to compliment it. Oohh… what a beauty this was.

I definitely recommend this for dessert if you have guests over or have someone over for a date or for a special occasion. This will make an impression for sure!


Now, I’m going to leave you with this recipe to try out for yourself. But lastly, if you’re wondering where I got Baru seeds from, I got it from an organic and Canadian company- Organic Traditions and they’ve given me a sweet 20% discount for you to use if you use the code: WRITEREATS .


Cacao Baru Butter Mousse

PS- This blog post isn’t sponsored, but the post on Instagram is. However, my opinions are based on authenticity and are unbiased.

As always though, if you do make this dessert using my recipe please do tag me @thewritereats or #thewritereats to share your creation so I can give it some love and share it too!

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