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Veggie Pasta with Daiya Mozza

Veggie Pasta with Daiya Mozza

I don't think there's anyone that does not like pasta.


If you talk about a specific type or way they'd prefer it, sure, I can tell there's a wide variety to choose from. 

I haven't experimented too much with pasta, but one of the quickest and popular type of sauce is tomato sauce with garlic and a hint of herbs and spices. Right?

I felt quite cheesy one evening, and decided to add cheese to my veggie made pasta for some added smooth, creaminess to pair with the spices I add to store bought sauce. That way, I enjoyed some veggie love, enjoyed some cheese, and well, let's just say I made up for the protein.

I've been enjoying Daiya Cheese so far, as a dairy free cheese brand and added a handful of mozzarella shreds to them. 


A warm bowl of lightly spiced veggie pasta in a creamy tomato sauce. Top that with some fresh or dried basil and/or oregano and you're going to be in love with the aroma and comfort.

Let's start making this?

Veggie Pasta With Daiya Mozzarella

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