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Tomato Spiced Beans, Mushroom and Tofu

Tomato Spiced Beans, Mushroom and Tofu


I don’t think I’m speaking for myself but there is something so tranquil about the fall, in the sense that we all love wanting to feel at ease, snuggled up with a soothing hot drink and feeling serene.

As you may know, British Columbia, Canada, has the most temperate climate compared to cold yet beautiful Canada. What’s best is that it’s mid October, yet there is no snow… just the cold creeping in lazily. This excerpt from one of my poems is exactly how I feel about Octobers.

End of October skies,

There's a beautiful shine in your eyes.

Breezes that creep up to your spine,

Boy, I love this time.

Winter's around and I'm sure we'll walk home after dinner, late nights.

And when we're tired we'll stand and kiss under the street light.

These winters I like.

Brighter than the summers they shine.

Hearts get warmer at this time.

I sleep with a tummy full of love at night.

Being a person that loves to feel warm most of the time, and not to say Winters are my most favorite time of the year;  but winters make me want to feel so much more connected to everything that emanates fuzziness and comfort. Do you know what I mean?

So, from missing my mum’s cooking to wanting to transform whatever edible I had into a plate of snugness; I ended up selecting some white mushrooms, red beans, almost empty container of chick peas, tofu and cherry tomatoes for lunch.

Come to think of it, I am getting quicker and more efficient with cooking up meals for myself- even some Indian inspired and Indian food- which I found time consuming before. Practice and patience sure does it!
So, if you’re new at cooking something, don’t worry; if someone like me who had minimal experience in the kitchen can do it, so can you!

How did this impromptu medley turn up anyway?

Pretty darn delicious, I’d say! It made me want to stay in bed and not go back to class (or do anything other than stay fixed in comfort and deliciousness).

Think of the earthy, nutty taste from warm chickpeas, bringing out a sweet tinge of tomato and spices, taking a small plunge into the woody flavor of mushrooms. Imagine that paired with pieces of rich and chewy tofu.

Want to know what kinds of mushrooms are great for your meals? Take a look here for varieties, taste and best combinations to make them with.

Also, you might have noticed that I take pictures by this particular window… it’s such a nice spot; especially when there’s sunlight bursting into the room. It is so much better than my previous dorm space that I get better quality pictures out too.

Do you like these pictures compared to the previous ones?

Let's make this!

Tomato Spiced Beans And Tofu

Keep enjoying simple food and the simple life! :)

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