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Tofu Teriyaki Sushi w/ Avo Cucumber Sushi

Tofu Teriyaki Sushi w/ Avo Cucumber Sushi

You know how you crave sushi... like 90% of the time and if you actually gave in every.single. time... you do realize you'd be broke. Right? 

Well, not anymore, because WE NOW KNOW HOW TO ROLL

Sushi of course. :)


Awwh jeez, what can I say? This is so simple. So full of flavor. So glorious. The Japanese are simplistically artistic. I love sushi and the process of making it too now!

I actually thought the little klutz in me would come out (impeccably) and ruin the sushi big time. But for my first time I think I did pretty well! Plus, the stakes were high, and I couldn't afford to mess it up!
1. I was super hungry ( never arrange a shoot when you're starving...).
2. I needed this recipe out ASAP!

Anyway, let's just go off the stress and enjoy how you can make delicious sushi at home too!

I used some wild rice for rolling the sushi, with teriyaki tofu (instead of chicken) and avocado and cucumber. Also, making vegan and vegetarian sushi is so much more simple than when meat is involved.

By the way, did I say, this teriyaki and soy sauce is gluten free?! I used Naked Coconuts gluten, soy and MSG free chili garlic teriyaki sauce and "soy" sauce. There is no compromise on the taste and quality either! 


I really enjoyed the hint of savory undertone the teriyaki brought out amidst the sweetness of the tofu teriyaki . The flavor was packed in there. And, of course, you can't ever really go wrong with avocado and cucumber. It's an all time favorite. 
So trust me, this.is.why. you'll rely less on those sushi takeouts from now on.


I know you must be bouncing around (or at least the sushi addict in you is) about making your own sushi and eating it too. So let's get rolling, shall we?


PS- This recipe is a collaboration with Naked Coconuts and their Instagram takeover. 

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