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Thailicious Red Curry Soup

Thailicious Red Curry Soup

Happy new year to you!

I hoped you’ve had a great year end and are ready to start a new chapter with energy, strength, love and happiness.

So the cold has had me craving a delicious homemade soup for a while. Since I love Asian soups, I decided to make one myself (about time I did).


I adapted AnnetVelsberg ‘s  Thai Coconut Curry Soup.
Comforting, fulfilling, and blissful were just some of the things I felt holding this bowl of soup close to me.

You’re going to love this

Coconutty, mildly spicy warmth; along with the crunch of your favourite veggies and a nommy munch of tofu (or other protein). You’ll love slurping on the noodles too!

It speaks uber comfort and nutrition in a bowl. I felt as happy as Buddha with a belly full of love, peace and food.

How has the winter been treating you by the way?

It’s been a cold winter in BC, this season. Lots of snow fall, which also means lots of fun skiing and skating right? Many more adventures too!

I went skiing for the first time in December! Yeah, my first time ever!

I enjoyed cross country skiing, as well as downhill skiing and I really enjoyed both. With amazing people around to help me out and great company, I think I did pretty well.

When I went to Mt. Washington, after some practicing I stood on top of a hill and looked out at the mountain and snowy view in front of me. Everybody was enjoying. Some fell, some laughed away cheerilyand the sound of skiis swooshing around took me back to when I was younger. I’d only read and watched movies about people skiing and having a great time; but it happened only in the colder countries and not Dubai at that time. So it remained as a dream and a want that I’d want to try it out sometime.

That day, I felt elated to have a dream and want come true. It’s funny how that thought; even though not a strong yearning, actually came true. That’s something that’s happened with me on many occasions and has made me want to work towards putting out better thoughts to the universe.

What do you think? Have you had similar experiences?


I hope you enjoy the soup and this winter season!

Thailicious Coconut Curry Soup

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