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Tempeh Green Thai Curry Bowl

Tempeh Green Thai Curry Bowl

If you didn't already know (despite me saying this over a million times)... the love for curry runs through my blood. 

Living away from my parents' home, not being able to have different kinds of veggie curries and lentil curries every day (yes! gets to me every now and then and I then have deep, emotional curry cravings

My parents never made Thai curry, but I like different curries from over the world; one of my favourites being a good Thai curry! Are you a sucker for Thai Curry? You sure are, because you're here! :p

I made a green curry, with tempeh instead of tofu this time. Have you tried adding tempeh to your curries? If not, this is a pretty delicious, hit-a-home-run kinda recipe to try it out. Plus, it makes for a healthy, delicious source of fermented protein. I use Tempea Foods tempeh, as it is super fresh and made by some amazing people here in Vancouver. Local support for the win!

This Tempeh Green Thai Curry Bowl is:

  • Mildly creamy and lightly spicy
  • Filled with delicious veggies and munchy tempeh
  • Comforting and refreshing at the same time

So I'd like to point out that I usually eyeball my spices and see how it tastes. The measurements are an approximate and you can slightly play around to see what works for you. You just shouldn't be overwhelmed with the taste of cumin or coriander though. Also, I've tried adding a little bit of veggie broth for some flavour and thickening up curries and they work sometimes, and they don't make much of a difference at times. For this recipe I didn't need any, but you're welcome to try it out!

I really like how this curry turned out, on a chilly day with the fragrances and creamy coconutty curry englufing me like belly blanket! Although, I seem to enjoy Red Curry at home more and the Green Curry more when I eat out. 

I hope you like this recipe and if you make it, share it or add your twist to it, I'd love to see your version and share it on my Instagram as well!

Tempeh Green Thai Curry

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