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Tempea Shawarma Wraps

Tempea Shawarma Wraps

We're just 1 WEEKEND away from 2018!! And I found myself going down some far back food memories.

Do you have those food memories where they're attached to people or a place? I just had one of those recently- I missed home, where I grew up so fondly eating away at some soul hugging Middle Eastern food

One of my favourites (as you can tell from the title) is shawarmas. I've always been a sucker for them- they're similar to donairs that we get here in Vancouver. All over, they're made with slight variations like adding fries, or some mayo, fattoush salad and such. I miss how on every other street in Dubai, you'd find shawarma cafes where they serve food like- fattoush and tabbouleh salads, fries, felafels and felafel wraps and so much more! They'd also almost always have a juice bar too, but not your typical one you'd find here in Van. This is of course, in the relatively undisturbed by modern luxurious built-up parts of Dubai. 


However, the locals would know just the best places to grab shawarmas- be it super cheap, mid-priced or expensive. THEY'RE ALL SO FRICKIN GOOOD!

So yes, memory lane took me back to when I was a tiny little one, and my parents would take me out on walks; I'd always want the shawarmas and the beet pickles on the side. Those were my most favourite thing of all. I'd shut my eyes closed with even just a bite into the sourness from the pickles, but I loved that really. That was FUN hah!

But being a plantbased eater, I wanted to make a vegan version of shawarmas. This slowly brought in the realisation that I could use tempeh to make some since it's so close in consistency to chicken. There's been a few times where I've kinda second guessed biting into my tempeh. Have you felt that too?

These tempeh shawarma wraps are:

  • Easy to make

  • Robust and packed with aromatic flavours

  • Full of healthy veggies and protein

  • Soul hugging

Since I decided to make this recipe a really easy one with ingredients I had at home, I skipped out on just a few spices and herbs for simplicity sake. But if you have them at home, USE EM:

  • Sumac
  • Fenugreek leaves
  • Cardamom
    I also didn't use garlic paste that many people use, but if you like things super garlicky (which is one of the BEST ways to flavour things) go ahead with that too!

I also used a local brand of tempeh, called Tempea Foods. They make fresh tempeh and it tastes divine. And if you've had tempeh, you probably know that it can have a slightly earthy bitter taste along with its nuttiness. It's a pretty bold flavour that some people don't like as much.

Pro Tip: Steam tempeh for 15 minutes to reduce the slightly overpowering nutty and bitter flavour.

Pro Tip 2: Make sure to taste your marinade before putting raw tempeh in there and make sure to thoroughly cook it.

I think we're ready to make some mouth-watering shawarma wraps aren't we? Let's go!

Tempeh Shawarma Wraps

Here's the recipe for my TAHINI DRESSING as well! 

Let me know if you've liked my recipe or if you have suggestions! I'd love to see your creations using my recipes so please #thewritereats or #thewritereatspiration to share your versions! :D

PS- This blog post isn't sponsored by Tempea foods; however my Instagram post and some pictures in this post are. All my opinions are mine alone though.


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