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Pad Thai Salad Bowl & The Best Peanut Dressing

Pad Thai Salad Bowl & The Best Peanut Dressing

Pad Thai fans anyone?

I thoroughly enjoy a good Pad Thai. The flavours are so robust and deep it's incredible. But sometimes, I crave an extremely light version where I don't feel like I over did it and stuffed myself, you know? Now don't get me wrong, the right Pad Thais... I indulge in them. 

But I'm thinking everyone has those days where they're craving light, refreshing meals but still one of their favourite but heavier counterparts. 

I've got the perfect solution for Pad Thai lovers. A Pad Thai Salad Bowl!! Yaaasss!

Although the flavour is not as deep in comparison to robust Pad Thai, this is still a really delicious meal as you savour a whole bunch of fresh veggies in a lovely garlicky limey peanut sauce for the dressing. I've added vermicelli noodles and stir fried tofu hearts to enjoy this goodness.

This Pad Thai Salad is:

  • A light and refreshing alternative to a cooked, heavy pad thai meal
  • Savoury with a great garlicky, creamy peanut dressing
  • Full of juicy veggies, noodles and tofu
  • Uber nourishing

I've made this salad bowl twice in the past 3 weeks and ate it with delight every day till I ran out of it, haha. Needless to say this will help keep things light and you'll feel energetic as it isn't a heavy meal. Plus, it's perfect for spring and summer! Yaayy :D

I hope you enjoy!

Pad Thai Salad Bowl

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