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Eazy Cheezy Vegan Pasta

Eazy Cheezy Vegan Pasta

Happy March!!! Spring’s around the corner and I’ve already moved on to iced lattes and summer hair. Or is it just me that’s this excited?

Hehe! But anyway, I hope you’ve been well and keeping strong with your goals to eat well.

If you probably came here seeing the “eazy cheezy” part of the title, you’re right- this is about to get deliciously cheezeeeh.

Whether you’re vegan, dairy free or you’re simply looking to try this recipe out to see how it measures up, let me ask you this- how many times have you had someone mention they can’t give up cheese or it’s the toughest thing to do?

Well….this recipe is exactly why I don’t miss cheese and I think if you tried it too, you’ll be blown away.


By the way, if you’re dairy free or vegan or simply don’t prefer eating much cheese, how was it for you to stop or reduce eating lots of cheese? For me, I think I enjoyed some processed cheese and reduced eating lots of cheese until I didn’t feel the need to!

So anyway, this pasta recipe is my go-to meal for whenever I don’t have a lot of time in the week to make a hearty meal, or if I just feel like kickin up my feet and indulging in the acts of a couch potato.

I recently got the chance to turn it up a notch with this local Vegan cashew based artisan cheese I found, called Zengarry Veg.

Oh. My gosh!

it is ultra smooth, suuper creamy & unlike any other processed cheese brand (this is more of a gourmet artisan cheese though) I’ve tried. I can cut off a tiny wedge and eat it as is, with utter and palatable pleasure!


Besides, this pasta is so so easy to make- you get your veggies, lots of taste, some smokey tofu; and it pretty much for a healthy and relatively “quick” healthy pasta.

So, on with it then?

Eazy Cheezy Vegan Pasta

PS- If you love this recipe and make your own, please tag me @thewritereats to share the love and I would love to see your creations! <3

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