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Creamy Spicy Bean Curry

Creamy Spicy Bean Curry

You know that fancy Indian restaurant you frequent, when you feel like it? Maybe the one you take your guests to, to show them some lavish Indian meals?

Honestly, quite a lot of them are loaded with cooking cream and butter and maybe the opposite of authentic. Oh, and food coloring, jeez. They can be extra filling, and especially for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or even those who are trying Indian food for the first time at a restaurant- you may probably not have a healthy view of our food at all, and I don’t like that.

Not all Indian curries are made with cream and butter!
AND... some very traditional Indian meals can be quite potluck-y. Did you know that?

Which is why, I'm deciding to share this marvelous and healthy vegan recipe with my you and my virtual food blogger friends in Vancouver, towards the Vancityvirtualpotluck menu (see other entries here) so I can show you how healthy Indian food can actually be! 


So, growing up eating lots of amazing home made Indian food, I believe that a lot of desi food is made with spiced tomato or cashew based sauces that are aromatic and fragrant. And gosh, do they taste fantastic.

Some are made with spinach purees and so on. There’s so much undiscovered Indian food other than the widely popularized Northern region of India, that are beautiful too. Even a lot of authentic North Indian food I think, is relatively less cream doused.

I find comfort in many Indian meals- especially this one I’ve been making; and ever since I added a creamy touch to it, I cannot resist the temptation to make it every.single.week.

But I won’t, because then I know I might get tired of eating it. Do you know what I mean?

While this bean curry is such a simple recipe, the avocado adequately brings in a touch of vibrance and takes this meal a yummy notch higher!


Also, you get your macros and a decent amount of micros in! Yaay for that!

Try this bean curry recipe out to know what I’m talking about! :D

Creamy Avocado Bean Curry

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