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Best Ever Vegan Brisket You'll Ever Make

Best Ever Vegan Brisket You'll Ever Make

You won't believe what I made! Two words.


How does one even do that?! Since when did vegan food become this interesting?

Well, to everyone that thinks vegan food is dull and boring, I've got this plantbased substitute that tastes exactly like brisket, looks exactly like it and feels waaaay better than eating meat. And you're going to LOVE IT!

With a sky rocketing amount of meat replacements in the market, I know people are slowly starting to switch to plantbased alternatives instead of eating poor and innocent dead animals on their plate.

I made this Vegan Brisket with a dreaamy creaamy potato salad and a zesty, refreshing slaw. Let me tell you, this.was.legit. out of the world! And it's also one of the best vegan meals I've ever made and had.


Undoubtedly, this took a long time to make, and a lot of side snacking was involved in the process. But was it worth it? Hell yeah!

I actually adapted the recipe for the brisket from the incredibly talented Gaz at Avant garde vegan, but made my own bbq sauce. Although this recipe is just the brisket in bbq sauce, I will be creating the recipe for the potato salad and slaw separately because I can't wait to make it again to play around with it.

Moving on to this bomb diggity brisket recipe, you'll have to taste it to know exactly what I'm talking about. But seriously, this was bliss. And I haven't ever had meat brisket either!

The texture of the vegan brisket is unbelievable. It looks solid and lightly crisp on the edges, but is tender on the inside. The bbq sauce enhances the flavour of this brisket quite beautifully too. I'll tell you, I could eat a lot of this aaalll day (say hi to my inner fatty).
There were simply tons of textures and flavours on play along with the creamy potato salad and crunchy slaw.

This brisket is:

  • Utterly delicious
  • A divine kind of smoky flavour
  • Sweetly glazed with a mouth-watering bbq sauce
  • A bite-full
  • Healthier than brisket with no animal cruelty
  • Protein-licious

Let's dig in, shall we?

Vegan Brisket In Bbq Sauce

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