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Vegan Beet Bbq Burger

Vegan Beet Bbq Burger

Am I right on the dot with a burger recipe? Right as we are cusped between fall and a light summer-y weather even though it's officially Fall... I don't feel guilty for wanting to eat some cliche summer meals. 

Does anyone else have some off-season food cravings? Great, I like that we're on the same page, because I have quite a few; and one of them is a recent addition... VEGAN BBQ BURGER! 

But it's quite different from what you might just imagine a burger to be. So now that I work full time, I don't always get enough time to squeeze in AAALLL the things I want to do, you know? Yeah... I get a bit of the struggle now haha.

BUT, that's when these bbq burgers come in and BEET the time constraint! WOOHOO!


Okay, so these burgers are JUST INCREDIBLE.

This is going to be a burger full of pop! Its

  • Mildly sweet, meeting with
  • A light, zesty slaw, that elevates the flavours of the
  • slightly spicy, robust, yet mouthy beef like patty, along with
  • soft and delicious pretzel buns.

What a fun and flavourful burger! They're such an amazing and healthier alternative to deep fried, greasy burgers.

Although I did smush a generous amount of this plant based beet spread by Spread Em Kitchen, a delightful local brand; I enjoyed it so frickin much!

As for the burger patty? It was my first time EVER bringing home a store bought vegan burger patty and it DID NOT disappoint! I used Field Roast's Field Burger Patties, and needless to say, they're going to be quite a popular thing at home. I've already got my roomies getting them every week! 

A few things that I would like to mention are that it would save you atleast 20 minutes if you prepared your bbq sauce a day or two before making your burgers! 


Lastly, this bbq sauce can be adjusted to whether you want your patties on the sweeter, smoky or spicy side. Remember to adjust the taste for the rest of the burger's ingredients too then, because you don't want to be overwhelmed with just one flavour.

So let's make these burgers? YES!!

Beet Bbq Burger

Happy Fall, fam!

Warm hugs and love,


PS- This recipe is sponsored by Field Roast, but my opinions are mine alone and devoid of bias.

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