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Margherita Cauliflowerlicious Crust Pizza!

Margherita Cauliflowerlicious Crust Pizza!

Healthy Margherita Pizza

If you love pizzas and you want to make them, clap your hands!*clap clap*

If you like to stay healthy but want pizzas, clap your hands!

*clap clap*

If all you want to do is be fit, sleep and eat pizza- this is EXACTLY where you belong!

Making home-made healthy pizza has been on my ‘to make’ list for a while. To attempt and test out the cauliflower crust too is one of my blogger dreams come true.

I tried a vegan margherita pizza at home and it was fantastic! I did make a minor error or two but all I have to say is that it was a marvellous experience, and I got to take some cool pictures :D

And I felt AWESOME!

Let me say firstly, that there are so many ways to personalize your pizza- you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT have to stick to conventional methods. I tried a basic one to begin with, because it is simple, classic and one of my favorites. Plus, if it failed, I would not feel as bad letting go of all the ingredients wasted and time put in to it … Next pizza dough (though) - I’m upping my pizza game :D Anyway, I followed Michelle’s recipe for the cauliflower crust pizza and it indeed is perfect! You skip out on a lot of carbs; and even more, if you avoid cheese (dairy AND non-dairy) and some non-essential fats. YAAAYY!

I loved Michelle’s recipe and so I will share it with you. It is fool proof. Delicious. And will make you fall in love with cauliflower crusted pizzas :D

So for the cheese, I decided to try Daiya Foods mozzarella cheese. I first came across Daiya cheese when I ordered take out pizza and they offered non-dairy cheese. Not knowing what it would taste like, but at the same time not expecting the best; I actually really liked it!

Since then, I've used Daiya Foods products for quite a few meals at home. Be on the look out for more posts using their products (this is not a sponsored post though). 

Also, I will give you a head’s up (or a few). Don’t expect a thick and strong pizza base. Your cauliflower crust will come out slightly more fragile than a thin crust pizza but it will totally hold up.

So let’s make our beloved pizza, shall we?

PS- Measurement tips for a larger quantity is provided in the tips and suggestions section, towards the bottom of this page.


Cauliflower Crust Margherita Pizza

Let me know what your thoughts are!

Till then, have a pizza-ful weekend :D

Love, The Writer Eats.

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