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Watermelon Silk Slushie

Watermelon Silk Slushie

Okay, so a funny thing happened… The universe listened to me pretty much pronto yesterday!

I wished for extra warm days, and now judging by today and the weather forecast, Summer’s almost here. Wooohoo! I could not feel more ecstatic about it. Living in Dubai for 20 years of my life has made me a total sun lover; and not having enough during the year here gets me so antsy awaiting Summer time. Anyone else a sun lover?

But naturally now, with warmer weather it’s going to be patio season, pool party season, and just a great celebration outdoors. This means everyone’s going to be making some rad drinks and I’m so convinced you’ll be making this one a lot. Like A LOTTT!

I made these suuuper silky watermelon slushies last Summer and it was a hit at home. On extremely hot days where babe and I would get home from work, we’d totally run to the freezer and blend this up, then sip sip cool down instantly.


Not to mention it’s sooo hydrating too and I can’t wait for you to have it, too. Besides, if you’re having this at a party, feel free to add some booze in here - it’s almost like a replacement for pina colada.

Wait. Why isn’t watermelon colada a thing yet?

Let’s make some slushies!


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