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Vegan Bubble Teaffee

Vegan Bubble Teaffee

Okay, so 2 things!

1. Vegan Bubble Tea!!
2. Teaffee!!! 

Hoooly, have you tried mixing tea and coffee together?? I know it's not NEW but it's NEW to me and this stuff is pretty darn delicious!

So, I've been wanting to make bubble tea at home for a couple reasons. One being that I can have non-dairy versions of cool bubble teas at home. Although, my favourite in the past year or more has been a passion fruit bubble tea. Second reason- it's cheaper! Do you know how much bank they make serving $4-$6+ bubble tea? Save yours haah!
And the last reason being that I control the ingredients by 90%! 

Although, bubble tea can be pretty tricky because it's soooo simple. Just like sushi really, because its the simplicity that can make it complicated. Because ya need ta know tha basics well! 

And maybe I need to calm down; but really, I'm soo excited to share this bbt recipe with you! I honestly thought it was going to fail, because the day before, I ended up buying some other tapioca pearls that didn't work out at all. I was extremely skeptical the next day with the new batch I bought. But I'm really glad it worked out in the end because I wanted to share this so bad with you all. It had to work! 

What I really enjoyed about the bubble tea also was that the almond milk I used wasn't too watery like some plant based milks can be.


I love that it complimented the teaffee and made it a bit thicker (bonus if you want to make a slushie bubble tea). I used my favourite brand of almond milk- So Fresh. They also recently made a new formula that's a tad bit thicker. Yayy! They don't use binders like carrageenen, which can lead to growth of cancer cells and upset your digestive system as well. So this made me really happy.

I did use a little arrowroot starch to make the milk a bit thicker and creamier (but you can totally skip this) though. It doesn't make much difference in taste, since there's just a tiny bit involved.

I also reaaalllly think the tea and coffee combination tastes incredible; which well, I didn't know it would. The story behind it is that the ombre colour I was attempting to get for my shots with tea, wasn't dark enough; so I decided to add some cold brew coffee (for like 20 mins haha). I added it to the tea and took some gorgeous shots. And when I tasted it... it was just.really.really.good!

I'm thanking myself to have experimented with that. Making this bubble tea was soooo worth it because:

  • It's cheaper homemade.
  • Has way less sugar per serving.
  • It's dairy free and delicious.
  • It's a refreshing treat.

And now, I hope you enjoy bubble tea in your own home too! And maybe have a bubble tea party or two! ;)

Vegan Bubble Teaffee

PS- This post is sponsored by Earth's Own but my opinions are non-biased and mine only.

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