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Lime Mint Chiller (secret ingredient!)

Lime Mint Chiller (secret ingredient!)

I’m sure some, if not many of you were picky eaters as children. I think I too was picky… but more than picky, I was terrible at eating! Whaaat?

Okay, so I didn’t have much of an appetite; and if eating, I’d store food in my mouth not swallowing it for prolonged periods of time. I have no idea why. I was a little fussy, hyper active but its funny how I wasn’t hungry enough to eat enough. Because of that,

through several phases of my life (some very painful), till I was around 19, I was advised to take multivitamin supplements.

And guess what? I hate, hate… hated it. Whenever I got the chance NOT TO have them, I would gladly take it up.

Yeah… if you put two and two together, eating healthy has only been a very recent thing for me. And yes, I never really liked the idea of taking “supplements” and “pills” for health, but very recently I’ve been investing in some great supplements, that I trust. You must’ve caught that on my Instagram stories!

One of my recent favourites is the multivitamin powder by Pranin Organic.


In today’s day and age lots of brands proudly (and deceivingly) claim they’re the best and healthiest product in the market. In reality, very few come into your hands without fillers, synthetic ingredients, adulteration and actual dense nutrients.

I just added these fantastic multivitamins to my supplement list. Naturopath formulated, PureFood A to Z by Pranin Organic, is a whole-food organic multivitamin powder that literally covers your nutritional bases and is a source of 25 essential vitamins and minerals.


Since I’ve been having them, I actually noticed several changes.

  • My skin has been glowing and feeling healthier. It’s been looking pretty great too!
  • I’ve noticed a slight spike in energy, and sustained endurance during my workouts, as I tend to have greens and or multivitamins with water in my shaker cup during workouts.

So what makes it so great? There’s many multivitamins on the shelves.

You know what? I agree.

I’ve been enjoying Pranin Organic because, it is 100% Organic and cold processed; meaning that these powders retain actual nutrients and live enzymes from food.

Let me share with you what you’re consuming in 1 serving of it.

  • Moringa leaves, carrots, apples, spirulina, beets
  • Red seaweed, spinach, cabbage, kale, collard
  • Alfalfa leaves, guava leaves, parsley, amla berries
  • Lemons, sesbania, holy basil, annatto seeds, Portobello mushrooms
  • Icelandic kelp, cilantro, horsetail, & mustard seeds.


Yummy! And can I get to the best part already?

It is

Vegan, Dairy-free, Soy-free, Yeast and Gluten free and has no added natural or artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. They are also non-gmo !!

It’s honestly been so much better for me this time around, because I DO NOT hate my multivitamins. Pranin makes the A-Z multivitamin powder pretty water soluble and flippin easy to incorporate them into drinks and meals for every day use too! They also don’t have an unpleasant taste at all.

Another reason why I really enjoy it is because I have a sensitive stomach and deal with IBS.

Pranin’s multivitamins cause me no discomfort as they’re organic and free from synthetic nutrients and as I mentioned, preservative free!!

So, apart from just using them during my workouts, I’d recently been craving something really chill and refreshing. But not just externally. Internally too.

In Dubai, one of my favourite summer drinks was a Lime and mint juice. Oh my gosh. Where do I even begin with that!



It’s mind blowing, detoxifying, hydrating, refreshing and such a delicious sipper.

And then, to amp up all the benefits, I decided to throw some Pranin multivitamins in there too! You HAVE TO TRY THIS OUT!!

I loved it! I made it the following weekend since the first time. Trust me when I say, this is G-quadruple-oh-D Gooood for you.

Because I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the benefits of a such great and authentic multivitamin supplement, I want you to be able to benefit and try it out for yourself too. I believe nutrition and healthy eating should be uncompromised; so, I’m giving

10% OFF on ANY Pranin Organic products

when you make a purchase on their website .

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Pranin A-Z Vitamins Jar and a Shaker cup!

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