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Lavender Dreams Smoothie

Lavender Dreams Smoothie

Yes, I just posted a lavender edible. And yes, the lavender color craze is real. And it’s little to no surprise that it is.

I mean, this color is a beauty. It is so soothing to the eye, is full of grace, elegance and seems to calm you ( or excite you because it LAVENDER, OMG!)

Don’t mind that last bit there… I do that with lavender (and my other favorite colors) from time to time.

Since 2015, lavender has been making its remarkable appearance in food. You have lavender flavored ice cream, lavender lattes, lavender flavored donuts, baked noms and even lavender colored foods; like the taro bubble tea which has been around for a while though. It really is so subtle yet very pleasing, so much that my eyes just imagined my screen to be lavender colored for a split second!  

I think I randomly came across this lavender smoothie; but I don’t regret it one bit!


There’s no actual lavender flavor in here (which, I’d like to try of course) but this protein smoothie tastes absolutely delicious. Even more so because it looks gorgeous.

I used blueberries, but the trick is getting the right balance between the milk and blueberry (and protein powder) ratio. You want that light, lavender-y color to make you swoon.

Drinking this was a delight, especially after my workout. You can have one in the mornings too if you’d like, but I'd pack more nutrients in there, unless you're using a nutrient dense protein powder like Ergogenics Plant Protein +Greens ! This protein is hemp based and comes with 6 servings of greens per scoop! That's a hell of an amazing amount of nutrients right there!

 And no, I was't paid to mention them here. I really enjoy how nutritious their protein is :D

I also paired my smoothie with this amazing brand of energy balls called Nomz, that I found at Whole Foods. This is not a sponsored post, but I simply enjoyed the bars a lot!
These bars are quite small but dense, fun and pretty nutritious. I really loved the Pecan bars.

You know the best part though? These bars are made with dates, nuts, seeds and coconut oil. Nothing more, nothing less. They also happen to be
- Paleo
- Organic
- Vegan
- Gluten free
- Peanut free and
- Refined sugar free!


I’ve been craving these bars for a couple days now, and look to getting it real soon.
But you should definitely give the smoothie a try- you’re going to enjoy blueberry smoothies so much more!

Have a lavender dreamy time!


Lavender Dreams Smoothie  

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