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Tahini & Fried Egg Toast

Tahini & Fried Egg Toast

Let's face it. Sometimes classic and simple meals do bore the heck out of you.

Switching things up and bringing a kick out of familiar and routine things is what makes life so much fun, right? Great. We think alike.

Remember my tahini and felafel post, where I declared my new obsession- tahini dressing? I wanted to have it with almost everything I ate. Tahini on my fried egg toast turned out to be so darn delicious!

Tahini dressing adds a depth of slight creamy savory nuttiness to this breakfast piece, which will take your eggs and toast duo to a whole new level.

What's even better is that this is such a simple and quick recipe, even for rushed mornings. You can prepare your tahini dressing ahead of time and it lasts for a few days when refrigerated. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Let's add some sesame love to this fried egg and toast combination, shall we? 

Tahini & Fried Eggs On Toast

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