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Spirulina Nana Kiwi Parfait

Spirulina Nana Kiwi Parfait

I had a craving. A craving for something citrus-y and with chia pudding

I don't really know where it came from but I ended up making a Spirulina Nana Kiwi Parfait/ Chia Pudding and it was incredibly satisfying! 

Often, I get asked how I crave healthier foods.  

My answer is: It happens over time. 

I'm feeling the need to talk about this in a separate post but, to very briefly say it, it happens over time. It happens by listening to your body and practicing the ability to listen to it.

Back to this spirulina smoothie, I came across lovely kiwis at the grocery store recently so (maybe this made me crave things) I wanted to incorporate them in my parfait. And I was uber excited about it too. More like glad because otherwise I would've spent a bit longer deciding on what kinda citrus fruit I felt like going for haha.

Apart from spirulina being a superfood addition, I also used a slightly thicker almond milk from So Fresh that was a great combination with some coconut milk (so refreshing!). Yummmyy!


So I know that quite a few people don't really like the spirulina taste in smoothies, but I assure you that this baby is creeeaammmyyy and delightful all thanks to the blend of plantbased milk. Paired with citrus, chia pudding and granola, it definitely has a few more tastes and textures into play. So it won't be a plain old spirulina nana smoothie for you. 

This smoothie parfait is:

  • Creamy and light
  • Wholesome
  • A refreshing snack or breakfast
  • Crunchy with granola
  • Healthy AF- Spirulina has good amount of Vitamins A, B, C and iron, magnesium and some proteins.
  • Filled with healthy fats and fiber.

And if I may add, this was an epic cure for my citrus chia pudding craving I had! Especially on a pretty warm day.

So really, keep listening to your body. Whether it tells you you need some energy from carbs or proteins, whether you need to rest your body, whether you need more water today...listen to it and see how it will thank you :)

Oh, and I will definitely be talking about how to crave healthy foods shortly!

Let's make this creamy Spirulina Nana Kiwi Parfait now, shall we?

Spirulina Smoothia Parfait

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