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Spiced Mousse Golden Chia Pudding

Spiced Mousse Golden Chia Pudding

Yessss I finally tried making a golden milk chia pudding! 

And yes, it can get a little too warm and spice kicked, but here's where it being a cool chia pudding, topped with fruits and a delicious coco cream coconut mousse helps. 

Despite being all the rage lately, turmeric has been an ingredient long used in Indian cuisine- in curries and milk. I fondly remember my mum and dad always adding turmeric to every thing we ate. I also remember mum making me some warm milk with honey, saffron, turmeric powder and crushed almonds on top.
That's been a delicious delight to enjoy growing up. I still make some turmeric milk every time I'm menstruating; thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits. I add cinnamon thanks to its mood boosting, anti-cramping benefits too.

Anyway, since it's been a gloomy-ish and on and off couple days (typical Vancouver weather ya know?), I decided to make some golden milk chia pudding for a warming yet chill breakfast.
I think pairing berries and sour-ish fruits with this pudding was a great call, as you need some sweetness in the pudding itself. Plus, the berries add a tasteful vibrance to the pudding, overall.


I think adding something creamy and lightly sweet, like this Coco cream coconut mousse from Amai Vegan Treats also made this a lot more fun to have! It was suuper silky, smooth and just incredibly tasting. 

How can someone make coconut mousse SO FRICKIN DELICIOUS?

I've got some more flavours and I cannot wait to check them out! I know for sure, they taste incredible on their own though.

So anyway, this Spiced (pumpkin spiced) Golden Milk Chia Pudding is:

  • Anti-inflammatory and mood-boosting
  • Packed with fiber, protein and healthy fats
  • Coconutty and smooth
  • Slightly warm with a mildly spicy kick
  • Refreshing with berries and citrus fruits
  • Extra silky smooth with a coconut mousse

A couple things I would suggest is to make this chia pudding liquidy. After refrigerating, make sure you add more coconut milk and lightly mix it, as chia puddings thicken up when left to sit for long.

Also, don't use more than 1 tsp unless you fancy a really spicy chia pudding! Feel free to add mangoes or saffron to get a brighter colour if you'd prefer.

Lastly, I recommend adding just about 1-2 tsps max of the coco cream mousse per serving, to your golden milk drink. It contains cinnamon and pumpkin spice, which won't make it a nice addition to the kick of spice already quite bold in the chia pudding. 

So, are we ready to make a bright, tasty, creamy golden chia pudding?

Spiced Golden Chia Pudding

PS- This post is sponsored by Amai Vegan Treats, a delightfully smooth and fluffly local brand of coco cream coconut milk flavoured mousses. My opinions on this are mine alone though, and completely unbiased!

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