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Refreshing Raspberry Bliss Bowl

Refreshing Raspberry Bliss Bowl

I've been uuber smoothie obsessed lately... I don't know what it is, but I'm very glad that I'm craving healthy foods over not so healthy ones, you know? And what's even better is that my smoothies are devoid of disguised junk too!

My roomies, boo and I have been smitten by our local smoothie store (with supplements) called Body Energy Club. Ugh! Their smoothies are brilliant!
I tried one of their smoothies with coconut water, mango, pineapple and vegan protein and it was incredibly refreshing; especially after a workout.

This got me wanting to try a raspberry version with coconut water, since I enjoy raspberry coconut milk smoothies (have you tried?). 

Half-way through blending, the color started to pop and I got instantaneously excited! This nice cream smoothie turned out to be a bomb of refreshing goodness. So refreshing, I had one the day after, and I have it pretty often too. And don't get me started on how beautiful the pink turns out! 

I felt like on a tropical vacation on a hot summer day in Hawaii or Bali. Refreshed, quenched, blissful, happy and carefree, running on the beach and creating happy memories. Okay, maybe my imagination ran too wild for a moment there; but that's seriously how good it tasted. It's soo uplifting, it instantly makes me feel happier and would do the same for you I bet.

Plus, you're basically eating nice cream (without the banana overload). Who can complain about that?!

I also add greens or protein to it- my greens being the best addition. Some of my most favourite smoothie toppings are Hippie Snacks granola, sunflower seeds and dried goji berries.

This Refreshing Raspberry Bliss Bowl is

  • A perfect thirst quencher
  • A healthy alternative to ice cream
  • Vibrant and satisfying (visually and appetite wise)
  • Not loaded with bananas
  • Incredibly healthy (with the greens)
  • Your new favourite summer treat!

Are we ready to dive in and make this simple bowl, loaded with good vibes, refreshing berries and get transported to tropical summer heaven?

PS- This is not a sponsored post, just sharing some of the brands I like.

Refreshing Raspberry Bliss Bowl

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