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Omelette with De-constructed Guacamole

Omelette with De-constructed Guacamole

Omelette with Deconstructed Guacamole

Sometimes I get so excited about breakfast that I wake up early, sans the groggy groaning and snoozing. This happens when:

  1. I have prepped up something the night before. For example, chia pudding or overnight oats.
  2. I have the right ingredients to make something, hence I plan my meal before I sleep.

Either way, I am so excited thinking about it, I automatically wake up all energized. You know you’re a foodie when, buying few ingredients excite you because they can help you complete your creation of certain meals to perfection. Guilty!

Also, for all you avocado lovers out there- don’t you find that they're a perfect pairing with just about any food? In case this takes you more than a split second to answer, let me answer that for you- UHH HELL YEAH! It’s even better as a breakfast combo, with eggs. And by eggs, for this recipe, I mean omelette.

There’s something peculiar about de-constructed foods that has been appealing to chefs, foodies and photographers all over. It must be fun not to combine all the ingredients but instead, artistically as well as skilfully place them on the platter to please the eyes and well, you eat with all your senses; so your senses! And I shall follow suit.

To put things forth more technically, the deconstructed guacamole is not an exact guacamole impression.I took some ingredients out to fit the simplicity of the meal and to balance flavours.

Here’s my try at the Omelette with a De-constructed Guac.

Omelette With Deconstructed Guacamole

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Here's to simplicity,


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