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Kiwi Fruit Bowls

Kiwi Fruit Bowls


Let me first EXCLAIM with bubbliness


If you think they aren’t, maybe I am questioning your presence on this page; BUT I am so so excited to share this simple and fun recipe with you!

A couple weeks ago, I had shared a coconut bowl post or two on my Instagram page. Then, I went to my explore feed and saw tons of brilliant coconut fruit bowl pictures popping everywhere.
I went to bed that night, thinking about some food ideas and the next thing I realize is that I’m waking up to a brilliant idea! You guessed right.

Kiwi bowls! Neat!

Kiwi fruit bowls are just what YOU need this summer! They are light, not too full of fruits but give you the pleasure of eating your fruits in a fun way.

Think about the summer heat vs refreshing berries and citrus in your kiwi bowls to hydrate you and keep you feeling fresh and vibrant!

Kiwi fruit bowls are your non messy snack bowl that are perfect for:
1. Outdoor backyard/theme parties; where a lovely and caring host/hostess such as yourself will be making sure your guests are keeping healthy (ish).
2. Tropical and/or Hawaiian parties; where a gem of a person like you making these clearly cares about everyone’s sugar levels.
3. A great snack bowl for maintaining healthy portions of snacks for guests and yourself.


You could use these nifty kiwi bowls for pretty much anything, really!
I made 4 kiwi bowls out of 2 kiwi halves; where I made each bowl slightly unique from the other. All the bowls have the same fruits inside them, but have different liquid fillings.

You don’t have to use fillings at all if you don’t want to. I was just exploring my options

Now, let’s make these little munchkins already!

Kiwi Fruit Bowls

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