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Grilled Banana Chia Pudding

Grilled Banana Chia Pudding


Is it wrong to crave chia puddings almost all the time?

Apart from the fact that chia puddings are so.frikkin.delicious; to be honest with you, I had planned on making a simple banana chia pudding.

I hummed, and weightlessly bounced my way to the kitchen mentally directing myself to where the ingredients were placed... and then, out of nowhere I suddenly remembered this traditional sweet snack mum would make for me every so often when I was a kid.

Kelyachi Shikran (Banana Mixture).

My mum is Maharashtrian (Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra). Growing up, she would have it whenever she didn’t like certain meals made at home. She passed on that little bowl of happiness to me that is now etched in my memory for eternity.  I remember the tiny me asking mum in a tiny high pitched voice to make it for me seldom when I craved it. And around seven years since I last had it, with an effervescent euphoria, I really craved it.

What are the ingredients forKelyachi Shikran again?

It’s as simple as saying BA-NA-NA!

  • Sliced or slightly mashed banana.
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Ghee
  • Chapati (optional)

Of course, every home has slight variations everywhere- people add nuts, vermicelli, raisins, saffron and such to the mixture. It really depends on how you want to make it- but yes; the key ingredients are added in a bowl to be eaten either cold or slightly warm, and relished. At my home though; it is made by adding chapatti (roti) in the mixture. Tip: Don’t keep the bananas in for too long because they go bad.

Speeding back to my breakfast making moment, it then hit me that I could make a healthier version of it! 

It is one thing to eat delicious, healthy breakfasts in the morning, but it is also very exciting to make your own breakfast that’s tasty and good for you!

Again, you know you’re a foodie when, you’re thrilled to improvise on food. And on I went with making this "innovation".

I was already salivating to the aroma at this point and when I tasted it, it was unbelievably similar to the shikran mum would make! Of course, now you realize that I have sneakily made you want to try the banana mixture first; to be able to compare the two, haven’t I? ;)

Moving on, this Grilled Banana Chia Pudding is the perfect, guilt free sweet ending to any occasion.

The sugars are all natural, with some healthy fats. There is some protein and calcium and the chia seeds give you omega 3 , fibre, protein and lots of energy too. It works well for breakfast and even a snack (post work out too!). I call this nutrilicious!

grilled banana on cutting board w logo

Grilled Banana Chia Pudding

CHIA FACT: "Chia" is the Mayan word for Strength. - www.authoritynutrition.com 

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