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Granola Parfait

Granola Parfait

Have you had a parfait before? What did you think of it?


If you don't know much about parfaits, they are cups or bowls layered beautifully, with yogurt, fruit, sometimes with fruit and jam and crunchy granola. 

They are one of the most simple breakfast ideas, especially if you're on the go. Beware though, store bought parfaits, or the ones you buy at cafes can be loaded with added sugars, not so fresh fruit and unhealthy granola.

Oh, no! I didn't just ruin your favourite parfait for you, did I?

Don't you worry though. Parfaits are supposed to be pretty healthy if you create a decent balance between the sweet stuff and actual fruit. 

  • Trade your sugar loaded flavoured yogurt for a good plantbased yogurt or plain greek yogurt. Once in a while though, it's alright to enjoy fruit yogurt. 
  • Then, make sure you use fresh fruit to adorn your next layer. Some of my favourites are blueberries, strawberries, apple and mango.
  • Make sure you buy granola that isn't overly sugary.

You can even add on a few ingredients to make your breakfast more satisfying and nourishing. 
Add chia milk. You can add a little peanut butter if you like, depending on your combination. Make your parfait with quinoa for more protein, carbs and fiber. 

And, you can even drizzle some honey, add dates, sprinkle some coconut sugar or anything you like!

To give you an idea, I added berry powder to some coconut yogurt for the pink colour, added fruits and granola and voila!

Crunchy, slightly sweet, and fruity. Delicious!


Granola Parfait

Did you enjoy this parfait? Share your thoughts with me! :)

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