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Fried Egg & Naan

Fried Egg & Naan

Soft pillow like naan bread. Egg. Creamy layer of tahini dressing. Tomatoes. Salt and pepper. That sounds odd but is so so good, gosh!


Remember how I mentioned I dislike runny yolks? Well, for the sake of this picture, I made a runny one, and later ran back to fully cook it.

Sometimes you need to find ways to slightly switch up a routine thing you do, right? Because being monotonous can kind of be boring and scary. You can't have just eggs and bread every day!

Trust me, with the different ways you can boost up a simple meal, in terms of flavour; I'm sure you don't want to eat bland old eggs and toast. Right?

Yeah, I thought so! Drizzle some sriracha over this breakfast too, and feel the taste bomb!

I hope you enjoy this version of eggs and bread too!

Fried Egg and Naan Toast

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