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English Style Breakfast

English Style Breakfast


Doesn't this remind you of an English breakfast? 

- Eggs
- Beans in sauce
- Potato hash browns
Well, those are some of the essentials of an English breakfast. You just skip out on the bacon and sausage, and toast is absolutely optional. Don't you feel a little lighter looking at the spinach in there though?

You've got the point. I brought a healthier twist to your classic English breakfast and downsized the appetite I feel it calls for.

And although the sauce is not your typically sweet and potentially Heinz whipped up sauce, I'm sure you will enjoy the light spices and the sweetness in there. Also, this next one is a secret... the potatoes are really well seasoned (with garlic). 

Even though I've had my breakfast and lunch already, I am now sitting here, craving this breakfast. 

Let's see who makes it first?

English Style Breakfast

Let me know what you think of this in the comments below, or by email. 

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