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Eggy Breakfast Muffins

Eggy Breakfast Muffins

Are you someone that skips breakfast because you have NO TIME in the morning to make some?

I gotta tell you- that’s just you making an excuse for yourself.


Skipping breakfast doesn’t do you any good really.

You may feel lethargic closer to noon. You’re probably going to be sitting at your desk feeling famished and cloudy. Silly you, you’ll still wonder why.

Your body needs food for energy. You sleep a couple hours after dinner, and wake up around 5-9 hours after that. There’s no doubt you’re hungry. So when you skip breakfast, you don’t have that much energy. It’s simple.

So, instead of blaming it on time and come mid-day; before grabbing ANYTHING to satisfy your mid-morning hunger pang; or even pigging out during lunch, why don’t you simply make something savory like eggy breakfast muffins and enjoy yourself huh?

Keep your metabolism and energy going!

Contrary to sweet muffins, these are savory and actually quite delicious. They also take around 15 minutes to make and last well in the refrigerator for a few days.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of savory muffins, but I adapted this recipe from Tasty since I wanted to switch my breakfast up, give savory muffins another try and put something out there for you savory muffin fans!
And guess what? These muffins tasted quite good! Especially when I drizzled some sriracha over it, oh gosh, it made them even better!

These muffins are super soft to bite into and have a little crunch from the spinach. But with the cheese, they add some more chewy density that’s simply wonderful.


What I did was make a split batch of dairy free (no cheese) as well as mozzarella muffins. If you prefer dairy free, you can find non-dairy cheese to make these muffins just as good. You can even have it with some avocado on the side. There’s no limit to creativity here.

I guarantee you’re going to love having breakfast now that you’ve got a quick and simple recipe to make ahead of time. All you gotta do in the morning is grab 3-4 of them and go!

Also, if you’re looking for other ideas to make a healthy breakfast in advance and to go, check my chia pudding recipe, and another one, as well as my overnight oats recipe out!

Let’s go!

Savory Breakfast Muffins


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