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Eggs & Avocado Toast

Eggs & Avocado Toast

I don't mean to surprise you, but I absolutely dislike runny yolks.


If you were sipping in something while reading this, I'm sure you spat it out in disbelief... or not!
I know a lot of people that say they enjoy runny yolks because they're the best part of the eggs. I on the other hand, get repulsed by it. Perfectly cooked, powdery soft yolks are my kind of yolks.

Does anyone else feel the same (please tell me you do)?

So avocado has become an incredibly popular breakfast staple, that made me add some more finesse and colour to an otherwise basic breakfast. 

If you're an avocado fan, you're definitely going to enjoy this.

I also lightly topped some chickpeas on my toast, as I had some chickpea leftovers that were ridiculously little to add to anything else. I wonder how it ended up that way though... These little peas do add more crunchiness to the toast so that was enjoyable anyway!

Take this sandwich to work, or prepare it if you're not a fan of spending too much time over making breakfast. Either way, you'll be enjoying this trio a lot!

Have a good morning! 


Eggs and Avocado Toast

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