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Overnight Blueberry Banana Oats

Overnight Blueberry Banana Oats

Overnight oats are a simple, minimum effort, yet healthy kind of breakfast.

It makes it super easy to jump-start your day without worrying about what to eat. Whether you're headed to work, not a fan of making breakfast, or have no time for a big breakfast- this meal can be prepared overnight and save your troubles in the morning (you may need 2 minutes for certain fruits in the morning).


There's honestly so many ways you can prepare your overnight oat meal. Switch up your plant based milks, switch up the fruits; you can add nut butter or jam... really, it can be totally what you want it to be! Sometimes, I also add chia seeds in there.

That's what I love about this healthy and simple breakfast idea.

Although chia puddings are my favourite, overnight oats are quite enjoyable with that extra munch feel. If you enjoy that, well, this is going to be one of your morning favourites !


Blueberry Banana Overnight Oats

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