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Blissful Oatmeal Breakfast

Blissful Oatmeal Breakfast


Have you had your breakfast today? Yes, I know I pressed on how important breakfast is for your health last week and I'm at it AGAIN!

But seriously though... with life moving at an insane pace where we all try to do so very much in a day; have you taken the time to do things you need and like?

They don't have to be grand. They can be as simple as making a smoothie to go in the morning. 
They could even be reading a couple pages of that book you bought recently, getting a foot rub, or going on a walk. Anything!

I'm sure you've heard the saying "time is what you make it". I think it rings true (in most situations).
I recently received a lovely time piece from The 5th and it got me thinking about how I've been making use of my time. I want to be able to do a lot more and a lot better with my time now. 

So, I took the time to make myself a lovely and heart warming breakfast meal.

I enjoyed making it and it turned out to be so blissful and nourishing that I ended up in a lovely little food paradise for a bit haha. On the brighter side though, it powered me up for the rest of my day, and I couldn't feel more grateful.

I really want to take the time to take care of myself by happily living, laughing, loving, lifting more by myself and with people I love and care for. I also want to make time to be able to inspire you all towards taking care of yourselves by eating healthier and being happy!

I hope this inspires you to want to spend your time better!


PS- If you are busy but looking to make delicious meals everyday, I can help you plan everyday meals and create healthy habits that last long as well, here!

What do you want to make of your time? 

Simply Blissful Oatmeal

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