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Banana Oat Pancakes

Banana Oat Pancakes


Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes… originally Greek, they’ve also been an age old American staple for breakfast.

Just mix some flour, eggs and such, top with butter and syrup and voila! A hearty start, maybe with some bacon and eggs and a glass of orange juice, please!


The Greeks had them with honey, curdled milk, wheat or spelt flour and fruit!


In a way, most of what was then considered healthy is not the same anymore. Our bodies have adapted or even developed to not be able to quite literally, stomach quite a few foods like the people far back in the past did.

In this day and age, it would be disgusting and deem unhealthy, for most health conscious bodies, to enjoy pancakes with simply flour and eggs. That won't do it for us, no it won’t; and maybe neither would the bacon.

In fact, our pancakes today are more dense, nutritious, calorie worthy and filling. It is the growing shift in the way we consume food now, as you might have noticed. We are slowly moving back to less processed and packaged foods and relying on fresher, local, sustainable food systems. Yaaay!

Most healthy pancake recipes today include The Minions’ favorite food- BA-NA-NA! and eggs and some oil.

Let’s say we want to make them more dense and nutritiously filling than that (and like the thick pancakes below)… the 3 ingredient pancakes are not entirely enough then.


*drum roll*… tss! Banana Oat Pancakes!

My initial recipe for the banana oatmeal pancakes was a pretty good one. But since the first i phone we now have more than 6 versions and I now have

even better, utterly moist, beautifully fluffy pancakes for you, which are stacked up in a thick tower; and when you cut through it, it looks so dense already that you know this is absolutely going to rock your morning socks!

Mmmmm mmmm!! Craving them?

You get your all rounded nourishment to begin your day, with these delicious baby cakes!


I would like to let you know one thing though. I’ve come across recipes that call for a 1:1 egg and banana ratio, and another recipe that called for 1:2 egg and banana ratio. While at least the former works easily for a single person, if you want to double or make pancakes for multiple persons I would suggest being a little careful.

Be sure to check at the bottom, for tips on the banana:egg ratio; and information on what you're getting in these scrumptious breakfast cakes.

Let’s get on with this PERFECT STACK OF PANCAKES!

Oh and by the way, they're such a healthy treat for you! Here's what you will be eating:

Banana- potassium, dietary fibre, manganese, B6. Oatmeal- carbohydrates and protein, fibres. Eggs/flax eggs- protein and omega 3, good cholesterol, and flax eggs have slightly less of the same benefits of eggs, minus the cholestrol. Coconut oil- healthy and aid in fat burning and boosts metabolism. Fruit ( highly recommend berries)- antioxidants and aid in weight control, help fight cancer and prevent alzheimer’s, great for skin. Cottage Cheese (if using): calcium, protein, vitamin b-12, healthy fats, antioxidant properties, but use limited as it is slightly high in cholesterolPeanut butter- good calories, fat, and protein (depending on the brand- try to go for ones that have no canola oil, easy to read ingredients and no additives. ) Real maple syrup/honey-healthier sugar options.

Yeah! Aaalll that in these little cakes!


Let me know what you think of these fantastic babies!

If you have suggestions and tips, I look forward to hearing from you. :D

Love, The Writer Eats.

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