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Banana Berry Chia Pudding

Banana Berry Chia Pudding

Did you know sipping lemon and chia water can benefit you in a multitude of ways?

It can help in weight loss, reduce insulin, help you detox and is fibrous! Here are some more benefits.

I like chia puddings because they are a softer, more chewy alternative to oatmeal. You don't even have to cook it. You soak it for a while, add your flavors in, and voila! Don't get me wrong though- cooked oatmeal can be a heaven in it's own, when made with TLC.

But chia puddings often make me feel like I'm eating a healthy dessert-like breakfast. Am I the only one that feels that way? 

This recipe is a delightful blend of warm berries and banana, with cold chia pudding. This wakes you up, just like you wake up warm and fuzzy in a cold room.
banana berry chia pudding front resized.jpg

Not being the best of my photos, for which I apologize; I made this chia pudding, yet again with banana in it as it adds some creaminess to my breakfasts. The berries are, well, you know... berry healthy either way. So why not? Let's get making this already!


Berry Banana Chia Pudding

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