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A Nifty Celebration

A Nifty Celebration

5 years ago, I knew I wanted to see this day. I knew I was going to make it. But I never thought I'd be in this particular place with the people that I have around me in my life right now. It feels nothing like it is supposed to feel like, yet. How does a graduate feel? Perhaps, the feeling will take over closer to when I find myself moving away to a city, or perhaps when I have my ceremony; or maybe when my first apartment rental is due. Or just maybe when I work.

Ambiguity is not always a great feeling but I trust that things will unfold; provided I work for it too.

So, here I am now, celebrating what is to come, and the reality of what many of us lately call it- "adulting". This mini celebration was well rejoiced in by making a nifty little breakfast...

Ever since I had seen these insanely adorable mini-bagels at The Real Canadian SuperStore, I knew I had to try them.

Wait, do they taste any different than its parent counterparts? No, not at all!  It's just, these cute little baby bagels were so darn adorable, they literally screamed out, "Pick me, pick me!"

Can't you see how they sit there looking at you?


I've been obsessing over these periodically, for a while now... and I've tried fragels (french toast bagels) and bagels with honey, honey and peanut butter and with fruits.

One of the things that I haven't tried yet is topping them with savory or non-sweet breakfast foods.

Quite often, I prefer a sweet jump start to my day. Although, I do like egg-y starts too!

brunchie munchie

Here,  I had made some beans with sliced turkey breast, one boiled egg , some avocado and spinach. I drizzled a little bit of chipotle sauce on it for an extra flavor kick!

Apart from sharing some of my joy with you, the point of this post is simple- to let these mini bagels call out to you so maybe you can make some yourself; or just simply enjoy mouth-watering food pictures!

Snapchat--8434311807756028293 edit 1 like

Anyway, what I had for breakfast was these mini-blueberry bagels toasted to a shy crisp but soft, spongy texture and topped it with a thin layer of honey drizzle. Then, I sandwiched them with blueberries and strawberries. YUM!

I also enjoyed my frozen berries with some honey greek yoghurt. Also, doesn't the blueberry on the table look like it's going to be eaten by mini bagel pacman?

Lastly, I sipped on some home-made coffee that I bought from Starbucks- Pike Place Roast. I boiled some milk and separately boiled some water. I used a Vietnamese Phin filter to make the espresso and then added it to the milk and drizzled a little bit of maple syrup to it.

This was a lovely day, with the sun playing peek-a-boo with the clouds; a light shower of rain and a bit of a chill in the air.

How do you celebrate milestones in your life? Share with me and we can share the joy!

To new beginnings, The Writer Eats.

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